Vintage cars, vintage fashion…vintage wine?

What does the term ‘vintage’ mean in wine? Does it mean the same as when you use it to describe cars or fashion? I tell you in under one minute in this brief but informative video….

The next question to ask, of course, is why the vintage of a wine should even matter anyway. The answer can be found in one word: weather. Weather conditions throughout the year can dramatically affect the style, quantity and quality of wine from a given region. In some regions this variation is more marked year upon year than in others, and for this reason the ‘vintage’ gets commented on more. Take Bordeaux, for example; its annual weather variations are so pronounced that there is an annual flurry of discussion amongst the wine trade and press (helped along, of course, by some skilful PR!) about what style the latest vintage has produced. In the cool northerly climate of Champagne, annual weather patterns can lead to such inconsistency of wine style that the tradition for most Champagne producers is to blend between years, creating what’s known as a ‘non-vintage’ wine.

So there you have it – the definition of vintage in wine. Stay tuned for further updates!

Videography by Nicole Tanzabel. Find her at and Instagram @photochicknic