Maximise your Marks:

Online D3 Tasting Workshop
with Anne McHale MW

Learn to maximise your marks in the D3 Tasting Examination (even if you get the wines ‘wrong’)!

This is a writing technique workshop, based around a full D3 mock tasting exam, designed to teach you how to achieve maximum marks in the ‘concluding sections’ of the D3 tasting exam, i.e. the sections on variety, country, region, quality and suitability for ageing.

The goal of the workshop is to show you that you don’t need to panic about wine identification, so that you can approach this exam with a calmer, clearer mindset and a focused plan for gaining as many marks as possiblewhatever the wines are.

There will be two live workshop dates – both will cover the same content.
(attend one, both or watch the replays – up to you!)

Wednesday 5th October – 8pm UK time
Thursday 6th October – 12pm UK time

You have two options for joining us:

The ‘dry’ option

By signing up for the ‘dry’ version you’ll receive the exam questions for the full D3 mock tasting exam, as well as the list of wines and the marking key. This way you can spend some time answering the conclusion sections as if you had the wines in front of you – and if you’re taking D3 in October I advise doing this timed; when you sign up, I will give you advice on how long to spend on this. If you’re not taking D3 until next year then there is less pressure for you to do this with a timer.

Then in our live Zoom workshop together we’ll go over the conclusion sections and I’ll provide you with model answers for each one, as well as tips for how you can construct your own high-scoring answers.

£55 for Diplomatherapy members – contact Anne for your special coupon code

£55 for Diplomatherapy members – contact Anne for your special coupon code

The ‘wet’ option (limited packs available)

By signing up for this you’ll receive 12 x argon-protected 50ml blind wine samples dispatched by Wine Sorted, in other words a FULL D3 mock blind tasting exam. The samples will remain fresh for up to three months if stored in a cool place, so you are free to sit the exam any time that suits you.

You will also receive the exam questions (to print out at home), the list of wines and the marking key (and obviously don’t read the last two until after you’ve sat the exam!!!).

You can sit the exam any time that suits you before our workshop(s) in October, or even afterwards as you can watch the replays. I recommend sitting both papers, i.e. all 12 wines, in the same day, to replicate the conditions of the D3 exam as closely as possible.

You can mark the appearance/nose/palate sections yourself from the marking key, and then join the workshop or watch the replay to get guidance on the conclusion sections.

‘Wet’ option no. 1 – UK mainland delivery (excludes Northern Ireland)

£165 for Diplomatherapy members – contact Anne for your special coupon code

‘Wet’ option no. 2 – Delivery to Northern Ireland, Republic of Ireland, France, Spain, Germany, Italy, Denmark, Sweden, Holland (please check with me regarding other countries) – £20 surcharge*

£185 for Diplomatherapy members – contact Anne for your special coupon code

*please note, due to Brexit there are sometimes customs delays and/or charges when delivering to EU countries. I can provide you with a list for customs if requested, to state that these are non-commercial samples, but any delays or charges are out of my control and as such you purchase the pack at your own risk. Last time, all my EU purchasers did receive the packs, although some with delays which is why I’ve planned for a long lead time on this occasion, so you should be fine if you order well in advance. If you are in any way doubtful about your country’s customs policies then it may be safer to join us for the dry option.

“I found Anne’s mock exam extremely helpful. First of all it allowed me to get an idea of what to expect from the exam. It’s also a great opportunity to test myself and see whether I am ready for it,  not to mention the fact that it’s an extra chance to practise. It really feels like the exam and you receive the marking key to be able to check your answers. After that there is a video call session with Anne where she talks you through it all, guiding you through how to come to the right conclusions. Also if you are busy and can’t attend the one hour revision, the recording of the session is available to catch up on it.

Last but not least I also have to say that I found it very reasonably priced.”
Bea Turton, current D3 student

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