Maximise your Marks:

Online ‘Dry’ D3 Tasting Workshop
with Anne McHale MW

Learn to maximise your marks in the D3 Tasting Examination (even if you get the wines ‘wrong’)!

‘Thank you Anne for yet another great workshop session! These mock tasting exams and workshops are invaluable. Your hard work and efforts in producing these resources is much appreciated.’

Lee Sinclair, D3 student and workshop participant

This is a writing technique workshop, based around a full D3 mock tasting exam, designed to teach you how to achieve maximum marks in the ‘concluding sections’ of the D3 tasting exam, i.e. the sections on variety, country, region, quality and suitability for ageing.

The goal of the workshop is to show you that you don’t need to panic about wine identification, so that you can approach this exam with a calmer, clearer mindset and a focused plan for gaining as many marks as possiblewhatever the wines are.

This workshop took place live in early October 2022, but you can still sign up and benefit from the ‘dry’ version of the experience! You’ll be sent everything you need on signing up, including the workshop replay. So if you are taking this exam any time soon and missed the live version, this will still be invaluable for you. In Anne’s opinion, not enough people practise writing ‘dry’ answers – it’s an incredibly useful tool to get you to maximise your marks.

What you’ll get when you sign up for the ‘dry’ workshop:

As soon as you register you’ll receive the exam questions for the full D3 mock tasting exam, as well as the list of wines and the marking key.

This way you can spend some time answering the conclusion sections as if you had the wines in front of you – and if you’re taking D3 in October I advise doing this timed; when you sign up, I will give you advice on how long to spend on this.

If you’re not taking D3 until next year then there is less pressure for you to do this with a timer.

You’ll also receive the replay of the live workshop where I walked participants through model conclusions answers as written by me, as well as my general tips & tricks for crafting these under pressure in the exam. Even if you missed me live, this will still be invaluable for you!

£55 for Diplomatherapy members – contact Anne for your special coupon code

Having now done my resit of the D3 tasting exam, I can confidently say that Anne’s Online Tasting Workshop, conclusion/bottle-ageing etc tips came in incredibly useful. I used a lot of crisp/fresh and even racy words, as well as following Anne’s acronyms for writing conclusions. The result – I went from failing on my first attempt to passing with Merit on my second, even gaining a Distinction in one of the questions. Thank you Anne!

Nicolas Spencer, Diploma Student - passed D3 Tasting with Merit!

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