How to taste wine like a pro

Hope you’ve enjoyed some good wines recently. Did you knock them back or did you spend a little time savouring what was in the glass? Until you know the proper technique for assessing a wine, it can seem a bit ridiculous to bother doing anything but drink it! Yet the way in which we gain more understanding of our vinous preferences is to spend a little time with each wine before necking it. 

Below is an oldie but a goodie: a video of me (rather more serious than I usually appear when teaching!) during my time at the venerable Berry Bros. & Rudd. In this short video I show you the proper technique for tasting wine like a professional. Watch it and let me know if you have any questions.

Of course there’s lots more to cover, but we’ll be exploring all that in more detail in future, so stick with me. And in the meantime, practise the above technique on your favourite glass of wine!