Anne McHale MW’s signature step-by-step system to take you from D3 overwhelm to D3 success!

This course is for you if…


You’re taking the D3 module of the WSET Diploma any time in the next 18 months


You feel overwhelmed and daunted by the sheer scale of what it covers


You need to maximise the time left to you before the exam, and fit your study efficiently around your busy life so that you pass this exam FIRST TIME

Anne, thank you for taking me through your Diplomatherapy course over the last 3 months. I had previously attended some of your classes at WSET and I liked the effort that you put forth in those classes. From the those classroom lessons it was very apparent to me that you cared about the subject, the class, the students and that you are passionate about your work. So, when I saw that you had launched Diplomatherapy I had no hesitation in joining up. The way that you presented the material on Diplomatherapy made it all seem logical and simple even when the ideas were challenging and for me it was an effective mixture of information, examination technique and you keeping things interesting. I would certainly have no hesitation recommending Diplomatherapy to other D3 students.

Jaspal Calotier, D3 student

Here’s what you’re going to cover on the course:

Module 1: Introduction

  • What Diplomatherapy isn’t
  • What it IS

Module 2: The vastness of D3 – where do I start?!

  • Answer: with a study plan! Anne’s top tips

Module 3: DiplomaTHERAPY – prime your mind and body for success

  • How to utilise the natural power of your mind to nail this exam first time round

Module 4: How to study for the tasting exam: part 1

  • The tasting exam: my take
  • Invaluable study hacks for tasting preparation – tried and tested by Anne
  • Practical tips that often get forgotten

Module 5: How to study for the tasting exam: part 2

  • Practise tasting with my ‘extremes’ technique
  • Practise dry tasting conclusion answers with my three signature answer formulae to get you full marks in quality, ageability and variety/country/region conclusions every time
  • Mini-mocks – how and when to take them

Module 6: How to study for the theory exam: part 1

  • D1 and D2 recap
  • How much detail do I need to remember?
  • CONCEPTS + FACTORS + relate to style, quality & price
  • Study templates + numerical data

Module 7: How to study for the theory exam: part 2

  • Memorisation techniques
  • Know key question verbs
  • Keep a list of controversies (SWOT)
  • Worked theory example with dos and don’ts

Module 8: The run-up to the exams

  • The ONE trick you need to know to be at your best on the exam days
  • The most important time-saving exam tricks to learn in advance

Module 9: In the exam

  • Anne’s exam mindset tips
  • Anne’s practical & common sense tips for success
  • Anne’s exam hacks so you don’t forget any important content

Module 10: Summing it all up

  • Anne’s final pep talk: see you at graduation!

As a tutor, Anne McHale made an impression on me while I was studying at the WSET London School, so I registered for her Diplomatherapy classes. I am glad I did. As a Diploma student who has to do a lot of self-study over an extended period of time, there are questions and doubts that constantly crop up. Anne’s sessions are well-structured and aligned with these, and her personal insights helped a lot. She helped me find motivation and focus as well, a bonus during the difficult times of COVID-19.

Ruma Singh, DipWSET

Pretty comprehensive, no? The even BETTER news is that when you sign up for this round of Diplomatherapy you ALSO benefit from…WAIT FOR IT…


Bonus 1

The Ultimate D3 Theory Study Notes Template, with a worked example

– Showing you exactly how to structure your study notes to summarise information in the most exam-friendly, efficient way possible

Bonus 2

An example of a distinction-level theory answer

– Showing you exactly how to approach a sample exam question

Bonus 3

The dedicated private Facebook group which is a friendly & supportive community of fellow D3 students and where Anne will pop in to check up on you, hold you accountable, answer your burning questions and MOTIVATE you to keep going!

Bonus 4

A worked video example, talked through by Anne, of how best to extract information from the Online Book according to The Ultimate D3 Study Notes Template (Bonus 1) – invaluable for making sure you’re going about this in the right way

Bonus 5

Recorded training workshops + Q&A with previous Diplomatherapy students

– including detailed coverage of my tips for how to approach specific mock theory exam questions and ‘dry’ tasting answers for the conclusions sections. Students have found this content INVALUABLE in helping them understand exactly what it is the examiners are looking for.

Bonus 6

A tasting exam preparation sheet, detailing the styles of wines you need to buy & taste together in flights of three in order to replicate as closely as possible the conditions of the D3 tasting exam – and to help you avoid wasting time by tasting unnecessary wines.

The modules & bonuses add up to 7+ hours of invaluable video teaching content, several indispensable documents and templates, AND support from Anne in the Facebook group as you progress through this journey.


“I successfully passed the D3 exam which I took in May 2021 and I am so glad that I enrolled for your Diplomatherapy. It is an outstanding, impeccably curated and well-structured educational concept. The flow from introduction to the final day of the exam along with your motivational talk are truly worth appreciating. The bonuses facilitated me to meticulously condense the information from the book, and the sessions prepared me to approach exam-like questions. I am struggling to decide my favourite part 🙂 Heartfelt gratitude, Anne, for this goldmine and for supporting me towards my journey to DipWSET!!!”

Amrita Singh, DipWSET


Do I get access to everything at once or do I have to wait?

Once you sign up, all the modules and bonuses will be available for you to binge-watch, Netflix-style! Anne advises that you watch them as soon as possible to get a feel for the overall system before you start implementing it.

Does Diplomatherapy relate to the new format of the Diploma exams?

Yes. Anne has been a Diploma tutor for many years and taught on the course during the transition from the old Unit 3 format to the new D3, so she’s fully up-to-speed on all the changes.

Anne, what if I buy and want a refund? What’s the policy?

As this is a digital product and offers instant access to super-exclusive, valuable resources and tips, all sales are final. Anne would like you to be really sure that Diplomatherapy is right for you before you purchase, so please do drop her an email on if you have any concerns or further questions.

Is there an expiry date for the programme?

There is no expiry date. You will retain access to the materials and to support in the Facebook group for as long as you need it (which, IF you implement the system properly, will not be very long as you will PASS D3!)

Do you offer a theory-only option?

There isn’t currently a theory-only option; however if you are a theory-only student you will still benefit hugely from the programme. Lots of the content is theory-focused, from the modules on how to study for the theory to the pre-exam and ‘in the exam’ modules. There’s also a great deal of focus on the theory in the recorded workshops.


*** 10 Modules ***

*** 6 Amazing Bonuses ***

7+ hours of invaluable video teaching content (this ALONE would cost you upwards of £900 if you were to hire me to teach it to you privately)

Access for as long as you need it to the modules, the bonuses and to my personal expertise to answer your questions in the Facebook group (again, access to my expertise privately would cost you £100s more on top of the video content)

Total value £1000 +!


Special time-limited three monthly payments of £119

***by signing up, you agree to the Diplomatherapy Terms and Conditions***

As a WSET Diploma student approaching my D3 exams I decided to sign up to Anne McHale’s online coaching programme in order to focus my revision and improve my technique in the theory exam and the practical tasting element. I found Anne gave very clear and precise tips as to what to do as well as what to avoid in order to pass this challenging exam. Her experience enables her to define the strategies needed and adopt the right mindset towards a successful outcome. As the D3 has been postponed following the Covid 19 outbreak she has been an excellent motivator and I will definitely be signing up for further coaching in the run up to D3 when it is rescheduled. If you are due to take this exam in the future I would highly recommend Anne to help you streamline your work and get goal-focused.

Rowena Hawtin DipWSET

Studying for both the D3 theory and tasting exam is an incredibly daunting task given the vast scope of material D3 that comprises, but the Diplomatherapy course really helped to focus my approach to both exams, providing me with a solid revision framework and helping me to understand the best way to approach theory questions in the manner the examiners expect. Anne is a great tutor and, in addition to the main content she delivered on the course, spent a huge amount of time answering specific questions from the group.”

Tom Savage, D3 student

The prospect of D3 had left me feeling very anxious, overwhelmed and not knowing where to start. I didn’t know how to approach the questions. Diplomatherapy was particularly helpful in terms of the guidance provided on approaching the questions and tastings. I also felt much more confident going into the exam – very calm and relaxed, using the techniques that Anne had suggested in order to approach each question.

Domenic Carlucci, D3 student

I started out overwhelmed by the D3 content. The parts of Diplomatherapy which helped the most were the modules on how to get into the right mindset, what to study and how to structure answers. Everything then was wrapped up in theory questions that prepared me well for the actual exam. I can highly recommend the programme; the sessions have a good length, great detail and good audio and video. It gave me a very good idea of where to start, what to study and how to structure my answers, and overall gave me confidence in how to approach my studies and pass the exams – I realised that it’s really doable, especially with Anne’s help!

Daniel Meier, D3 student

Before embarking on Diplomatherapy I was suffering from an inability to answer the question because I couldn’t decipher what the examiners were looking for. Anne is amazing! She was direct to the point and taught us how to tie the answer back to Style, Quality and Price rather than ‘data dump’. Her Tips and Tricks really helped my confidence going into the exam!

Catherine Sagal, D3 student

I had a real lack of understanding of what was required for studying D3. Anne’s programme gave clarity on what was required to pass D3 and how to deal with the stressful situations of the exams, as well as the business mindset required, the focus on style, quality and price, how to state the obvious, read the question, time management during the exam…all extremely good advice.

Jarle Madsen DipWSET

Prior to signing up to the Diplomatherapy programme I felt overwhelmed by the volume of study material and was always unsure if I was using my very precious time to study in the most efficient way.  There were many occasions where I began to feel unmotivated and found myself just hoping I was doing enough to just pass the exams.    Anne’s programme sets you up with very clear methods for studying, in particular and very helpful to me were the note-taking templates which allow you to break down so much information, enabling you to see so many similarities and in the same way key differences of note. This along with the ability to review her personal videos when you want and as many times as you want has been a fantastic motivator and meant that my time is being used effectively. I do now have more confidence in achieving beyond a pass level. Unfortunately, because of Covid and the rescheduling of classes I am yet to sit an exam. However, I no longer feel so alone or overwhelmed as I work through this vast subject. Anne has put together a fantastic programme. It is well designed and the modular basis makes it easy to move through all of the material.

Deborah Masterston, D3 student