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Diplomatherapy – Nail D3 in 2023!

Are you already a Diplomatherapy student? Welcome to Anne’s additional D3 Theory support for 2023 – hope to see some of you in the programme!

  • You’re already ahead of the game, being familiar with Anne’s signature system for tackling D3 👏🏻


  • The feedback has been that many of you would like extra support with Theory exam technique as well as motivation and ACCOUNTABILITY 💪🏻



  • With that in mind, Anne is inviting you to upgrade to Diplomatherapy Theory Gold or Platinum – scroll down for further details!

Many of the D3 Theory candidates I see out there need support with different elements depending on their unique personality.

  • Having now been running the Diplomatherapy programme for three years, I’ve had plenty of time to observe students, the challenges they encounter and what helps them overcome those challenges

  • What I’ve learned is that whilst all benefit from the over-arching teachings in Diplomatherapy, the extra support that each candidate needs is different

  • Some need extra help with Theory exam technique: how to structure answers and how to avoid the key pitfalls which are continually highlighted in the examiners’ reports


  • Others require support with accountability, motivation and keeping them on track with the vast amount of D3 Theory content


When I realised this, I knew exactly how to solve the issue, but it was going to take me time because it was going to be different than anything else out there.

Well, now it’s here.

Because, whilst studying for D3 Theory, you should feel

Stimulated; intellectually challenged; enjoying your passion for wine

In control


Yet so often, not addressing your personal challenges can leave you feeling


Isolated and on the verge of giving up

Like you’ve completely lost touch with why you signed up in the first place: your passion for wine!

Let me introduce you to

DIPLOMATHERAPY: Theory in Focus 2023 – upgrade options for current Diplomatherapy members

Is it a group programme?

Is it theory masterclasses?

Is it guest expert appearances?

Is it accountability and motivational support?

Well actually, it’s all of these in one.

If you’d like extra group support with D3 Theory, you can Go For (Diplomatherapy) Gold (!), where in addition to everything in the current Diplomatherapy, you’ll benefit from accountability support, extra theory masterclasses and guest expert tuition.

If what you really need is that extra level of private support and you have the funds to invest in yourself and in your exam success, then you have the opportunity to apply for Diplomatherapy Platinum where you will get direct access to bespoke one-on-one D3 Theory online coaching with Anne. Her time is limited, so the price is premium and only four spots are available.

Full details are below.

Diplomatherapy – Your Options for Upgrading to Nail D3 in 2023

Diplomatherapy Theory Gold

Added support with accountability, theory masterclasses and guest experts

As well as everything you already have access to in Diplomatherapy, you’ll also get:

  • 1 theory masterclass with Anne every month in February, March and April 2023, covering past exam or sample questions (all-new content, not previously covered in VIP or Deep-Dive sessions – two sample questions to be covered per session)

  • Pre-exam motivational live pep-talk in early May 2023

  • Three guest expert masterclasses to take place in March and April 2023. Topics covered will be Deep-Dives into D3 Classic Regions with subject experts from Anne’s network of MWs and other specialists

  • Group weekly accountability check-ins, beginning on Monday 16th January, via the Circle App from Anne or one of her team members. Anne and her team will be checking what you’re planning to do that week, ensuring you’ve kept on track with it a week later and asking you WHY NOT if you haven’t – in short, you’ll be pestered until you take action! 😉

*** PLUS: BONUS – access to the Study Plan Masterclass with Anne which happened live on Friday 20th January – How to Cover all the Content between now and May – a sample Study Plan breakdown that you can use as a template for our accountability check-ins each week ***

TOTAL VALUE £2,000+!!

Diplomatherapy Theory Platinum

You will have access to everything in Signature and Gold, plus:

  • Private live orientation call with Anne

  • Personalised feedback on one theory assignment per month in February, March and April with a live call to follow up on each assignment

  • Personal weekly accountability text or email check-in from Anne

  • One additional email or Voxer question per week

  • Bespoke study plan recommendations


If you are interested in working one-on-one with Anne, please fill in the form and she will be in touch ASAP!

You already know Anne

Anne McHale is an inspirational coach and experienced Diploma educator. Her signature style is direct, clear and to-the-point; she will give you tough love where it’s needed! Despite this, her own experiences of navigating first the arduous WSET Diploma and then the even more gruelling Master of Wine exams, and overcoming her challenges to win awards in both, have given her an in-depth understanding of what it really takes to tackle exams at this level, and have made her coaching style compassionate as well as effective. She will never make you feel silly for any question you ask or doubt you may have. Having Anne in your corner will be a huge help in getting you to DipWSET.

Anne was a role model when I studied for the WSET Diploma and she remains an inspiration today. One of the best coaches I’ve ever come across.

Susanne Seibel

Managing Director, Seibel Consulting Ltd

Read more testimonials from Anne’s students here

Frequently Asked Questions

Do you offer extra Tasting support as well as Theory options?

There is an entire step-by-step guide to approaching the Tasting side of D3 in Diplomatherapy Signature, so by joining any of the three levels you will benefit from that. You can also get excellent Tasting support by signing up for the D3 Tasting Workshop.

Due to the online nature of the programme and the associated challenges of sending wines to different locations around the world, Anne has decided with the extra support not to include a tasting component.

Additionally, the pass rate is much higher for the Tasting exam than for Theory, which is another reason why the Gold and Platinum levels focus on Theory support.

The bespoke, personalised nature of the Platinum level, however, does lend itself to personalised advice on tasting strategy if required, and Anne will be happy to advise on this for all Platinum participants.

Do you offer refunds?

Because Anne requires participants to be fully committed to the programme in order to ensure success, all sales are final.

Understandably you want to be sure before investing further in yourself, however, so if you have any niggling concerns or queries and would like to talk these through with Anne, you can book a free 15-minute Zoom Clarity Call in her calendar, or email her at

I have more questions. How do I get in touch?

With any investment, understandably you want to be sure you’re making the right decision! Feel free to email Anne at, or if you’d like to speak to her directly, you can book a free 15-minute Clarity Call in her calendar to talk through your queries and concerns.