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Discover how Diplomatherapy® can help you master your WSET Diploma studies with confidence 

Unlock the secrets to success in your D3, D4 and D5 WSET Diploma exams without the stress of going it alone!

Do you find yourself buried in WSET Diploma study materials and lists of wine samples, feeling overwhelmed, uncertain and anxious? Despite trying various study methods and online resources, nothing seems to click, and the prospect of trying to make it through the vast amount of D3, D4 and D5 study material in time for the exams is daunting.

That’s exactly what Anne McHale MW experienced herself before she came up with the tried-and-tested techniques taught in Diplomatherapy®

If you’re like many WSET Diploma candidates, you might have grappled with balancing your studies with your professional and personal life, or experienced the challenge of retaining intricate details of grape varieties and regions. This can leave you feeling exhausted, stretched thin, frustrated and disheartened. WSET Diploma should not just be about memorising facts and passing exams; it should be also about achieving balance and feeling empowered in your wine journey, as well as enjoying your passion for wine and feeling connected to a global community of wine lovers.

That’s why Anne created Diplomatherapy®, the innovative and supportive solution designed specifically for WSET Diploma candidates. This programme is not just another set of study guides; it’s a comprehensive pathway that empowers you in your wine studies journey. Diplomatherapy® addresses the specific need for a balanced approach to learning, ensuring you not only learn to study efficiently and approach the exam questions in the way the examiners want, but also enjoy your passion for wine and connect with a global community.

Diplomatherapy® stands apart from the rest as the only WSET Diploma study programme developed by a Master of Wine and top Diploma award winner.

Unlike other Diploma study resources out there, Diplomatherapy offers a combination of Master of Wine-led teaching, a clear study roadmap, strategic exam guidance, accountability and global community, ensuring a supportive environment in which to work through the challenging D3, D4 and D5 modules.

This unique combination is what makes it the comprehensive study programme investment for those who aspire to the coveted DipWSET title.

With Diplomatherapy®, you get:

A clear study strategy for both tasting and theory: This is taught in ten core modules which outline a roadmap for you, enabling you to avoid that feeling of ‘where do I start’ and see the path ahead mapped out so that you can just get on with it!

A vibrant online community: Experience solidarity and companionship in the Diplomatherapy online group forum, which allows you to connect with other DipWSET candidates worldwide and receive guidance direct from a Master of Wine any time you need it.

Accountability: Benefit from a weekly study check-in from Anne’s team, making it easier for you to stay on track with your progress and get any issues addressed as they arise rather than suffering in silence!

Each feature is designed with the various challenges faced by D3, D4 and D5 students in mind, ensuring that each student’s key concerns, whether that be related to study strategy, exam technique, community or confidence, are all addressed in one comprehensive package.

Don’t just take Anne’s word for it; see how Diplomatherapy® has transformed the lives of previous DipWSET candidates:

Just a quick note to thank you for the role you played in my successful completion of my Diploma (overall Pass with Merit) Your advice around revising to the level of grade you want rather than covering every detail was invaluable in allowing me to focus on the things that mattered. Equally, your emphasis on understanding the question, sticking to the point and relating everything back to style, quality and price is key to passing D3.

Your Diplomatherapy course definitely contains gems of wisdom that are simply not available elsewhere. I appreciate the value you add in the critical area of exam technique, an area in which many students lack knowledge.

Dan Murton DipWSET

I found Diplomatherapy four months out from my D3 exams, when I was feeling overwhelmed, burnt out, and like I had lost my passion for wine. I’m a full-time sommelier and have a small wine business, so tackling the mountain of theory info and practicing blind tasting was challenging to say the least. I also felt very alone in my journey. Anne and her program gave me hope that I COULD do this and reinvigorated my excitement and joy for my career. It is a strategic plan that truly helps you to attack D3 while also offering motivation and tips to keep you grounded and sane. And the community of fellow D3 students around the world was a wonderful support system, making me feel less alone. I cannot recommend Diplomatherapy enough!

Peggy Dean DipWSET

The prospect of D3 had left me feeling very anxious, overwhelmed and not knowing where to start. I didn’t know how to approach the questions. Diplomatherapy was particularly helpful in terms of the guidance provided on approaching the questions and tastings. I also felt much more confident going into the exam – very calm and relaxed, using the techniques that Anne had suggested in order to approach each question.

Domenic Carlucci, D3 student

I started out overwhelmed by the D3 content. The parts of Diplomatherapy which helped the most were the modules on how to get into the right mindset, what to study and how to structure answers. Everything then was wrapped up in theory questions that prepared me well for the actual exam. I can highly recommend the programme; the sessions have a good length, great detail and good audio and video. It gave me a very good idea of where to start, what to study and how to structure my answers, and overall gave me confidence in how to approach my studies and pass the exams – I realised that it’s really doable, especially with Anne’s help!

Daniel Meier, D3 student

Before embarking on Diplomatherapy I was suffering from an inability to answer the question because I couldn’t decipher what the examiners were looking for. Anne is amazing! She was direct to the point and taught us how to tie the answer back to Style, Quality and Price rather than ‘data dump’. Her Tips and Tricks really helped my confidence going into the exam!

Catherine Sagal, D3 student

I had a real lack of understanding of what was required for studying D3. Anne’s programme gave clarity on what was required to pass D3 and how to deal with the stressful situations of the exams, as well as the business mindset required, the focus on style, quality and price, how to state the obvious, read the question, time management during the exam…all extremely good advice.

Jarle Madsen DipWSET

Prior to signing up to the Diplomatherapy programme I felt overwhelmed by the volume of study material and was always unsure if I was using my very precious time to study in the most efficient way.  There were many occasions where I began to feel unmotivated and found myself just hoping I was doing enough to just pass the exams. Anne’s programme sets you up with very clear methods for studying, in particular and very helpful to me were the note-taking templates which allow you to break down so much information, enabling you to see so many similarities and in the same way key differences of note. This along with the ability to review her personal videos when you want and as many times as you want has been a fantastic motivator and meant that my time is being used effectively. I do now have more confidence in achieving beyond a pass level and I no longer feel so alone or overwhelmed as I work through this vast subject. Anne has put together a fantastic programme. It is well designed and the modular basis makes it easy to move through all of the material.

Deborah Masterston, D3 student

Here’s what you’ll learn in the core modules:


  • What Diplomatherapy isn’t
  • What it IS

Module 2: The vastness of D3 – where do I start?!

  • Answer: with a study plan! Anne’s top tips

Module 2: The vastness of D3 – where do I start?!

  • Answer: with a study plan! Anne’s top tips


  • How to utilise the natural power of your mind to nail this exam first time round


  • The tasting exam: my take
  • Invaluable study hacks for tasting preparation – tried and tested by Anne
  • Practical tips that often get forgotten


  • Practise tasting with my ‘extremes’ technique
  • Practise dry tasting conclusion answers with my three signature answer formulae to get you full marks in quality, ageability and variety/country/region conclusions every time
  • Mini-mocks – how and when to take them


  • D1 and D2 recap
  • How much detail do I need to remember?
  • CONCEPTS + FACTORS + relate to style, quality & price
  • Study templates + numerical data


  • Memorisation techniques
  • Know key question verbs
  • Keep a list of controversies (SWOT)
  • Worked theory example with dos and don’ts


  • The ONE trick you need to know to be at your best on the exam days
  • The most important time-saving exam tricks to learn in advance


  • Anne’s exam mindset tips
  • Anne’s practical & common sense tips for success
  • Anne’s exam hacks so you don’t forget any important content


  • Anne’s final pep talk: see you at graduation!

As a tutor, Anne McHale made an impression on me while I was studying at the WSET London School, so I registered for her Diplomatherapy classes. I am glad I did. As a Diploma student who has to do a lot of self-study over an extended period of time, there are questions and doubts that constantly crop up. Anne’s sessions are well-structured and aligned with these, and her personal insights helped a lot. She helped me find motivation and focus as well, a bonus during the difficult times of COVID-19.

Ruma Singh, DipWSET

Imagine a world where you proudly re-do your business cards and LinkedIn profile with ‘DipWSET’ after your name.

Picture yourself drinking Champagne at the annual Diploma graduation in London’s historic Guildhall, and the relief and pride you’ll feel 🥂

With Diplomatherapy®, this isn’t just a dream; it’s a reality that Anne’s members are experiencing every year.

You too can progress through this journey with minimal stress, enjoy the process, and finally get those coveted DipWSET letters.


You might have some questions or concerns about Diplomatherapy. Here are answers to some of the most frequently asked questions:

Do I get access to everything at once or do I have to wait?

Once you sign up, all the self-study modules and bonuses will be available for you to binge-watch, Netflix-style! Anne advises that you watch them as soon as possible to get a feel for the overall system before you start implementing it. The live D3 theory classes will begin on Monday 5th February at 1pm UK time, and there will be one every four weeks until the end of April.

How can I be sure that Diplomatherapy is for me?

I understand that you want to be sure that Diplomatherapy is right for you, especially as sales are final. If three or more of the following statements resonate with you, then Diplomatherapy will help:


– Feel overwhelmed by the sheer size and scale of the material to be covered and don’t know where to start
– Have already started, but you’ve effectively ended up copying out all the notes almost word-for-word and realised you won’t have time to get through it all
– Are nervous about the tasting exams and don’t know how to prepare effectively for it without tasting all the wines of the world again!
– Are unsure how to approach the questions in the theory exams and don’t know exactly what it is the examiners are looking for
– Haven’t taken exams for a long time and are out of practice
– Are based in a country where there aren’t lots of other Diploma students to share tips with, or where you don’t get a lot of extra support from your APP
– Suffer from exam nerves and panic even when you know the material

There are some people who DON’T need Diplomatherapy. It isn’t for you if you…

– Are an experienced exam-taker and are confident that you know what examiners are looking for

– Are studying at an APP that already offers you a lot of extra support around study and exam technique

– Want a ‘done-for you’ summary of the Diploma materials rather than being taught the most strategic ways to summarise and apply the content yourself (which in my opinion is more effective)

– Are not prepared to put in the hard graft yourself by applying my system to get you to the next level – it’s not a magic pill and will still need a great deal of input from you!

THAT SAID – if you ARE prepared to put in the work and follow my tips and tricks, the system will DRAMATICALLY increase the effectiveness of the hours you put in, saving you time, money and stress!

Anne, what if I buy and want a refund? What’s the policy?

As this is a digital product and offers instant access to super-exclusive, valuable resources and tips, all sales are final. 

Understandably you want to be sure before investing in yourself, however, so if you have any niggling concerns or queries and would like to talk these through with Anne, you can book a free 15-minute Zoom Clarity Call in her calendar, or email her at

Is there an expiry date for the programme?

Yes. You will retain access to the materials and to Anne’s support in the online forum until either June 2024 or October 2024, depending on which option you sign up for. If you sign up until June 2024 and end up postponing any of your exams you can choose to extend your access afterwards if you wish (current price for extending your access by one more exam cycle is £197).

Do you offer a theory-only option?

There isn’t currently a theory-only option; however if you are a theory-only student you will still benefit hugely from the programme. Lots of the content is theory-focused, from the modules on how to study for the theory to the pre-exam and ‘in the exam’ modules. There’s also a great deal of focus on the theory in the recorded workshops.

And for new joiners we have added in in a monthly 30-minute live D3 theory masterclass, included in the price, on the first Monday of every month between July and October (alternating between 6pm and 1pm UK time to hit all time zones!) 😊

Do you offer extra tasting support as well as theory options?

There is an entire step-by-step guide to approaching the tasting part of D3 (equally helpful for D4 and D5) in Diplomatherapy®.3 Tasting Workshop.

Due to the online nature of the programme and the associated challenges of sending wines to different locations around the world, Anne has decided not to include a tasting component.

Additionally, the pass rate is much higher for the tasting exams than for theory, which is another reason why there is more theory content than tasting in Diplomatherapy®

I have more questions. How do I get in touch?

Understandably you want to be sure before investing in yourself, however, so if you have any niggling concerns or queries and would like to talk these through with Anne, you can book a free 15-minute Zoom Clarity Call in her calendar, or email her at

To make Diplomatherapy® even more irresistible, Anne is including a whole host of bonus material. These exclusive bonuses are designed to enhance the core teaching modules of Diplomatherapy® and help you achieve DipWSET sooner and with less stress.

Check out these amazing bonuses below ⬇️

Bonus 1

The Ultimate D3 Theory Study Notes Template, with a worked example

– Showing you exactly how to structure your study notes to summarise information in the most exam-friendly, efficient way possible

Bonus 2

An example of a distinction-level theory answer

– Showing you exactly how to approach a sample exam question

Bonus 3

The dedicated private online forum which is a friendly & supportive community of fellow Diploma students and where Anne will pop in to check up on you, hold you accountable, answer your burning questions and MOTIVATE you to keep going!

Bonus 4

A worked video example, talked through by Anne, of how best to extract information from the Online Book according to The Ultimate D3 Study Notes Template (Bonus 1) – invaluable for making sure you’re going about this in the right way

Bonus 5

Recorded training workshops + Q&A with previous Diplomatherapy students

– including detailed coverage of my tips for how to approach specific mock theory exam questions and ‘dry’ tasting answers for the conclusions sections. Students have found this content INVALUABLE in helping them understand exactly what it is the examiners are looking for.

Bonus 6

A tasting exam preparation sheet, detailing the styles of wines you need to buy & taste together in flights of three in order to replicate as closely as possible the conditions of the D3 tasting exam – and to help you avoid wasting time by tasting unnecessary wines.

Bonus 7

A D4 and D5 Theory workshop looking in-depth at a sample exam question from each module.

Bonus 8

Four live D3 live theory masterclasses and Q&A sessions per exam cycle. They will take place on the first Monday of every month (July-October or February-May depending on the exam cycle), alternating between 6pm and 1pm UK time to cover most time zones (replays will be available).

Bonus 9

A recorded masterclass with inspirational coach Beth Hocking with tips and hacks on how to move from Exam PROCRASTINATION TO EXAM motivation – invaluable!


Live SWOT Analysis Workshop on Sunday 4th February 3pm GMT

– replay to be sent afterwards

Anne’s signature formula for approaching these questions so that you NEVER run out of things to write in the exam

You will also benefit from:

– Exclusive Diplomatherapy-only discounts on all Anne’s other trainings and masterclasses, including her D6 Workshops and her popular D3 Guest Expert Series

– Annual IN-PERSON Diplomatherapy get-together in London around the time of the Diploma graduation. Meet your fellow Diplomatherapy students and meet Anne ‘in real life’ to raise a glass to your achievements!


Each session will cover a breakdown of a past D3 Theory question from the May 2023 exam.

Replays will be available for all if you’re unable to attend live!

Monday 5th February 1pm GMT

Assess the strengths, weaknesses and potential of Malbec, making reference to the wines of Argentina and South West France.

Monday 4th March 6pm GMT

Using examples of specific AVAs, explain how the Pacific Ocean and altitude contribute to diversity in the wines of California.


Monday 8th April 1pm BST

Describe the grape growing environment in Campania (20%), the characteristics of the three indigenous grape varieties grown for the DOCG wines and the styles of wines they produce (60%).

What are the commercial advantages of using these indigenous grapes? (20%)


Monday 29th April 6pm BST

Describe the key white wine styles in the Hunter Valley, Clare Valley and Margaret River. (30%)

Explain how environmental factors and winemaking are responsible for these different styles. (70%)

The modules & bonuses add up to 7+ hours of invaluable video teaching content, several indispensable documents and templates, AND support from Anne any time you need it in the online community as you progress through this journey.


“I had the privilege to attend Anne McHale’s excellent classes during my Diploma studies at WSET School London. Lots of self-study is required over the course and it is easy to get lost and lose one’s focus. To stay on track and to get extra motivation, I decided to sign up for her Diplomatherapy course. Very well-structured, insightful sessions containing highly valuable advice on various aspects of studying, all presented in an informal, motivating way with plentiful interaction. An added bonus is Anne’s guidance on plug and play exam techniques and, not to neglect, how to revise according to your desired grade.”

Peder Lehmann Larsen, DipWSET

“I successfully passed the D3 exam which I took in May 2021 and I am so glad that I enrolled for your Diplomatherapy. It is an outstanding, impeccably curated and well-structured educational concept. The flow from introduction to the final day of the exam along with your motivational talk are truly worth appreciating. The bonuses facilitated me to meticulously condense the information from the book, and the sessions prepared me to approach exam-like questions. I am struggling to decide my favourite part 🙂 Heartfelt gratitude, Anne, for this goldmine and for supporting me towards my journey to DipWSET!!!”

Amrita Singh, DipWSET

Anne was a role model when I studied for the WSET Diploma and she remains an inspiration today. One of the best coaches I’ve ever come across.

Susanne Seibel

Managing Director, Seibel Consulting Ltd

Ready to enjoy a smoother journey to DipWSET? Don’t wait!

Sign up now to benefit immediately from Anne’s years of expertise.

The clock is ticking and those exams are drawing ever closer. The sooner you act, the sooner you can learn the most strategic approach to tackling the huge amount of material and start getting support on this journey.

Anne can’t wait to see you inside the programme!

Diplomatherapy – Your Investment Options 

Diplomatherapy Ⓡ

Access to all Diplomatherapy content & bonuses until after the D3, D4 and D5 exams in June or October 2024 (choose your option below) – including the opportunity ask Anne your questions any time in the online Circle group forum.

*** 10 Modules ***

*** 9 Amazing Bonuses ***

7+ hours of invaluable video teaching content (this ALONE would cost you upwards of £1,000 if you were to hire Anne to teach it to you privately)

Access until either June 2024 or October 2024 to the modules, the bonuses and to Anne’s personal expertise to answer your questions in the online forum (again, access to her expertise privately would cost you £1000s more on top of the video content)

TOTAL VALUE £2,000+!

This is a picture of Anne McHale. She is a woman with blonde shoulder length hair, and a Burgundy long sleeved dress with pink plant silhouettes on it. She is stood in front of a window and is facing towards the left of the camera. She is holding a part full wine glass with red wine in it and she is smiling.

Embark on your journey towards DipWSET with Diplomatherapy®. Imagine the professional kudos and personal satisfaction you will enjoy when you are able to use those highly-respected letters.

With Diplomatherapy®, this future is not just a possibility but a reality waiting to unfold.

Start your transformation today!