D6 Workshop with Anne McHale MW

🍷 Are you submitting the D6 assignment?

🍷 Is this the first time you’ve undertaken an academic research project like this?

🍷 Would you like to understand what it takes to boost your grade from a pass to a merit or a distinction (this could be the final thing which tips your overall Diploma grade into the next category)?

🍷 In this online workshop, Anne draws upon her own academic research experience to guide you thoroughly in how to maximise your marks in this 3,000 word assignment.

This workshop took place live in December 2022; by signing up now you will receive the full recording of the workshop plus details of all recommended resources and additional questions answered after the live session. This workshop was based around the January 2023 closures assignment but will be useful for other topics too as there is plenty of general D6 advice alongside the examples which are specific to the closures topic.

Topics covered:

  • tips on finding sources and identifying themes
  • how to apply the crucial higher skill of analysis, and what differentiates this from simple description
  • mistakes to avoid
  • practical tips to save you time when putting together your referencing and bibliography
  • proofreading and editing tips
  • Q&A with Anne

Please note: WSET rightly have very strict rules on collusion and plagiarism, so this workshop is NOT designed to write the assignment for you! It WILL, however, leave you much feeling much more confident in how you can locate the correct type of resources yourself. You’ll also feel clearer on how to evaluate and analyse rather than simply reproduce the source material.

Anne was a role model when I studied for the WSET Diploma and she remains an inspiration today.

One of the best coaches I’ve ever come across.

Susanne Seibel

Managing Director at Seibel Consulting Ltd

This D6 workshop was a great opportunity for me to learn how to prepare my research in accordance with WSET’s requirements. While writing the text, l am always asking myself if it’s what WSET want from me, and l can’t be sure if l am doing it right. Anne answered all my questions and helped me to understand what to do and not. She explained tricky parts and pitfalls that we must pay attention to; this has been very illustrative for me. Thank you, Anne, for all your explanations, l feel much more confident in D6 now.
Bilge Senol

D6 student and workshop participant submitting in January 2023

Anne’s D6 seminar was really useful! Although I had already started the project when I participated, she gave us tools that helped me to organise the materials I had already acquired and to move forward in a more structured way. I don’t know yet what grade I will receive but I can absolutely say that it will be higher than it would have been without Anne’s guidance. I’m feeling much more confident and looking forward to completing the assignment instead of dreading the process. Thank you, Anne! 
Theone Mole

D6 student and workshop participant submitting in January 2023

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