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D6 Workshop Series – May 2024

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On 20th and 21st May 2024 (6pm BST on both dates) Anne will be running a live online workshop series to help you maximise your marks in the regenerative viticulture topic due for submission at the end of July 2024. Replays will be available for both.

This will be a paid workshop series, with each individual workshop priced at £47 (£37 for Diplomatherapy® members) or join both for £77 (£57 for Diplomatherapy® members).

Monday 20th May – Regenerative Viticulture with Justin Howard-Sneyd MW.

Justin is a global expert in this field and will share his insights with you to help you understand the topic better. You will also have the chance to ask him your questions live or send them in advance if you’re unable to attend live (replay will be available).

Tuesday 21st May – D6 Research and Writing Strategies with Anne McHale MW. 

Topics to be covered:

  • tips on finding sources and identifying themes
  • how to apply the crucial higher skill of analysis, and what differentiates this from simple description
  • mistakes to avoid
  • practical tips to save you time when putting together your referencing and bibliography
  • proofreading and editing tips
  • Q&A with Anne

Please note: WSET rightly have very strict rules on collusion and plagiarism, so these workshops are NOT designed to write the assignment for you! They WILL, however, leave you much feeling much more confident in how you can locate the correct type of resources yourself. You’ll also feel clearer on how to evaluate and analyse rather than simply reproduce the source material.