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7 Day Online Challenge: How to order wine like a BOSS in a restaurant!

(without defaulting to the second cheapest 😆)

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Join me for my fun, informative challenge that will get you from bewilderment to confidence when it comes to ordering wine in a restaurant.


Do any of these sound like you? You…

  • Feel a bit overwhelmed when confronted with a restaurant wine list, so you just look out for what you recognise – but you’d love to be a little more adventurous?

  • Don’t want to spend too much, but nor do you want to look cheap so you opt for the second cheapest? (been there 😂)


  • Entertain clients and would love to be able to choose wine confidently when ordering on their behalf?


  • Are a little suspicious of sommeliers in case they’re there to rip you off, so you don’t talk to them?


  • Don’t really have time to take a full-blown, eight-week wine course and would just like to learn a few key tips and tricks that will help you navigate a wine list with more panache?

    I used to be just the same until I learned more about wine and massively increased my confidence, and most importantly ENJOYMENT, when choosing wine in a restaurant.

    Now it’s time for me to share that knowledge with you in a fun online challenge, at the no-brainer price of just £47.


    Clients routinely pay £100s, even £1000s, to access my expertise – so this is a STEAL.

    Over the course of seven days, you’ll receive a daily video training – with a mini-homework challenge each day to get you practising your newfound skills 😜

    This will EASILY fit into your busy life – the trainings are yours to watch any time so that you can catch up even if you get a little behind!

    Payments, once taken, are final. To read the full Terms & Conditions click here.

    Anne’s challenge on ordering wines in restaurants is fun, relaxed and informative. If you really feel like you know very little about wine then this mini-course will set you on the right path and give you plenty of hints to help you make good choices when ordering from a wine list. The sessions threw up lots of little gems of knowledge. Who knew that tannins dry your mouth because they are attracted to the protein in your saliva!!!
    Karen McGregor, 7-Day Online Challenge Participant, April 2022

    Finally! Learning about wine in a way that I can relate to. I’ve always enjoyed drinking wine out in restaurants, yet, would continue to play it safe and stick to what I knew I liked. I often wanted to be more adventurous and also try to cater for clients or friends as well and not only to what I liked. Anne’s incredible knowledge about wine, together with her friendly, down to earth style of presenting was both fun and easy to understand for the wine enthusiast in me, rather than a wine professional. I feel so much more confident navigating restaurant wine lists, what to look for on the wine labels and how to decode various wine short-hand or wording, that I hadn’t considered before. Never one to shy away from assignments that included drinking wine – this challenge was not only super fun, it was informative too. I’m so thrilled I signed up!
    Beth Hocking, 7-Day Online Challenge Participant, April 2022

    Here’s what we’ll be covering:

    DAY 1

    Back to basics: a refresher on why wines taste so different from each other

    DAY 2

    Key wines, labels and terms to be able to recognise

    DAY 3

    Price! How to order a great value wine in a restaurant (and I’ll be sharing my insider’s secrets as a former restaurant wine buyer: sshhhh…)


    DAY 4

    The etiquette when you get asked to taste wine in a restaurant

    DAY 5

    Food and wine pairing: the key considerations when choosing wine to match your food

    DAY 6

    The Sommelier – are they there to rip you off? (hint: it all depends on how you talk to them)

    DAY 7

    Recap – and now it’s time to practise your new skills 😁



    On top of all this, you’ll get two juicy bonuses:

    • Bonus Number 1: a printable Challenge Calendar to help you keep track of which days you’ve covered (tick them off as you go along)

    • AND Bonus Number 2: an extra masterclass from me to teach you how to Taste Wine like a Pro 😃 🍷

    All Challenge lessons are short and manageable – each one is between 7 and 20 minutes in length. By watching a lesson a day, though, you’ll benefit from more than 100 minutes in total of value-packed learning with me, and you’ll be amazed at the ‘ah-ha’ moments that you have!

    All this for just £47! 


    Payments, once taken, are final. To read the full Terms & Conditions click here.

    Anne has a unique talent for demystifying the world of wine and sharing its secrets. Her abilities as an educator and presenter are first class. Her personal and professional approach ensures that your experience – whether you’re a beginner or a budding professional – is always relaxed and enjoyable. Her expertise, insights and encouragement were invaluable to me in my wine studies and her passion for wine is contagious. Whether your objective is to understand more about the wines you already enjoy, to improve your tasting technique or to discover new grape varieties or wine regions with friends or for educational purposes, I highly recommend Anne as your expert guide!

    Jon Therkleson, former student

    Payments, once taken, are final. To read the full Terms & Conditions click here.

    Anne McHale is a remarkably brilliant expert in the field of fine wine. Her command of her subject, combined with her warmth of style and charisma of presentation, inspired me to come back and back into the world of discovering, learning about, and exploring the great wine regions of the globe. I now have an understanding about fine wine that is useful in my business, as well as a richer context in which to understand the region I call home in California’s Napa Valley. Anne redefines the prototype of the Master of Wine and leads her courses with aplomb and passion.

    Elizabeth Linder, former student

    Many presenters are exceptionally knowledgeable but have a limited ability to convey that knowledge in a manner which builds a rapport with their listeners. Anne bridges that gap effortlessly; immense personal charm helps, but she is an exceptionally gifted presenter who readily engages her audience, imparting her vast knowledge in a way which is neither patronising or daunting. Participants emerge from her talks feeling as though they have shared her knowledge and passion, rather than being lectured to.

    Alun Griffiths, fellow Master of Wine

    Payments, once taken, are final. To read the full Terms & Conditions click here.